April 22

Oregon- Out n’ About

The smell of fresh cut wood, the warmth of a blazing fire, and the wind against your face. What do those words remind you of? They remind me of a…CAMPING TRIP!
This weekend my family and a couple of my neighbors took a trip to a treesort (Out n’ About) in Oregon. We lived in a treehouse for two nights, roasted marshmallows, and other fun camping activities. We began are trip on Friday night, as we started toward our first destination, Miranda Gardens resort. We drove for three hours with a stop at Subway for dinner. We reached there at about 12:00 midnight! Then we fell asleep.
The next morning, we woke up, got ready, took pictures, packed up, and were on our way to a hiking trail. After our small hike, we drove a couple of hours to The Trees of Mystery, wear we took a sky tram above the redwoods. Then we drove to Out n’ About.
Saturday. We had a barbeque and fell asleep because we were tired cause of our long drive. The next day, we went on the zip lines and Tarzan Swing. It was exhilarating! Then we had lunch and drove to a hiking/cave trail. The road to the trail was SUPER curvy and by the time we got there…IT CLOSED! Its ok, though, because when we got back we got ready for another barbeque and (again) we fell asleep.
The next morning, we were on our way. We drove two extra hours to see Crater Lake just to come to a dead end. Yes, a DEAD END! UGH. Oh well. Then we were on our way back.
The trip was amazing. I had an adventure, plus I got to spend time with my family and friends. I hope I get to do it again.







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April 12

Trying Something New- Lu Ann Cahn

One day, I was web searching when I found a book about Lu Ann Cahn. Lu Ann Cahn wrote the book, I Dare Me, about her year of firsts. What is The Year of Firsts, you ask? Lu Ann Cahn wanted to do something new with her life, so in 2010 she decided that she was going to try something new everyday for an entire year! She started a blog where she wrote and posted videos of all of her new “Firsts”. She only had a few basic rules. They were:

  • A First could be something she hadn’t tried in ten years. If you did your last cartwheel at nine, doing one at fifty-three counts as a first.
  • Her schedule was absolutely nuts, so she gave herself permission to embrace whatever small Firsts came her way in the course of a 24/7  life.
  • No cheating. She couldn’t skip a day. She had to do a First and document it.

A “First” could be anything small. Saying the ABC’s backwards, brushing your dog’s teeth, or trying a new food, all counted as a “First”. I challenge anyone brave enough to try this. Share one of your “Firsts” by commenting.

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April 12


Writing is a great way for people to express themselves. It helps you define yourself and you can write whatever you like! No one can tell you you’re writing something incorrectly. Everything you write is purely YOU and no one can stop that. Writing is another way to remember adventures and vacations you took with you’re friends and family. Sure you could take pictures and videos, but will that remind you everything smelt,looked, tasted, and sounded? Writing can help you go into great detail about anything. There are so many ways you can write about things around you. You could keep a journal, start a blog, write a book, or you could just grab a piece of paper and begin writing! Writing has endless possibilities and you don’t have to be “good” at it. In writing there is no “good” (unless you are writing an essay for school!) it’s just you, your pen, and a piece of paper.

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March 31

Charity Work and Volunteer

   Have you ever thought of helping underprivileged people? I’m sure its crossed many peoples minds, but they push the thought away because they think it has no advantages for THEM. That’s all wrong.
   Recently my friend and I started volunteering at a library. It may be boring at times, but we get to spend time together, learn new things, and it will even look good on a college application. Then I thought, “this isn’t exactly helping anyone (except maybe the librarians)” but I wanted to do more. So my friend, Ashlianne, and I have planned to start a fundraiser to raise money for charities. We’re planning on collecting books, clothes, toys, money, and more! We might even have a fundraising event. This may seem like it has no benefits for me, but I feel good when I help someone. I have so much that some people would give up their arms and legs to have my life. I may sometimes be ungrateful of everything I have, so I’m trying to give back and I think everyone else should try it too.


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March 26

True Friends

Sometimes you may fight. Sometimes you may ignore one another. Whatever happens, true friends are always by your side. I have a lot of friends, but I only have a handful who I know will always be there for me. That’s all I need. True friends help you get up when you’ve been pushed down. They’re always there to make you smile or laugh. They understand you more than you may understand yourself.  But most of all, true friends let you BE YOU. They won’t judge you on how you fit in with everyone else. All they ask in return is for you to be there for them too. I have friends who would ditch me if a better offer came along. I also have friends who would stay by my side.I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE SUCH GREAT FRIENDS!


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February 25


Today I learned one main lesson. Life is what you make of it. Life is only complicated because we insist on making in that way. We only have one life, so we need to enjoy it. There’s no time for crying, debating, or doubting. If something bad goes on, just laugh. i know it may sound weird, but it really makes you feel better. Also appreciate the small things in life, because someone out there is wishing for what you have. And never, ever, doubt yourself. People spend too much time dwelling on what they are not, that they don’t even realize their good qualities. I’m sure you’ve heard all these “quotes” before, but you should actually realize their true meanings. ENJOY LIFE and NEVER forget to SMILE!!!

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February 17

My Snowboarding Trip

The wind in my hair, the snow beneath my feet, and the smile across my face. What do these words remind me of? Snowboarding! Today I went snowboarding with my friends and family. It all started this morning…
I stretched my arms and yawned. 5:30am. I got up and got ready for our trip to Soda Springs, CA. After I got ready, my parents and I started loading the car, as we waited for my friends. When my friends arrived we were on our way.
3 hours. That’s a pretty long time to stay in a car. Luckily we came prepared. We had food, games, and music. We hadn’t brought one thing, though. Gloves.
We stopped at Starbucks and got some refreshing drinks. Afterwards, we went to Big Five Sporting to get our gloves. Then we had another 1 ½ hour drive ahead of us. UGH.
Once we spotted the first patches of snow, our spirits rose. We got out of the car, got into our snow clothes, and walked to the rental building.
We got our snowboards and were off. My friend and I went on the slope more than six times! We talked on the lift and laughed when I fell getting off. Then we raced. I never won, but I still had fun. While we waited in line for the lift, we had small snowball fights with our parents. After a few more rounds we were done. We took off our boots and snowboards and headed toward the tubing slopes.
Tubing was so much fun! We laughed and smiled as we slid down the slopes. The second time we went up, I fell off my tube! It was super funny, but it still hurt. We threw a couple more snowballs and we were on our way back home.
I had such a great time today. Not only did I get to practice my snowboarding skills, but I got to do it with the people I love.

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February 14

13 Must Read Books

In no particular order:
•Divergent, By: Veronica Roth
•Insurgent, By: Veronica Roth
•Allegiant, By: Veronica Roth
•The Fault In Our Stars,  By: John Green
•Wonder, By: R.J. Palacio
•Mango-Shaped Space, By: Wendy Mass
•The CandyMakers, By: Wendy Mass
•Every Soul a Star, By: Wendy Mass
•11 Birthdays, By: Wendy Mass
•Hunger Games, By: Suzanne Collins
•Catching Fire, By: Suzanne Collins
•Mockingjay, By: Suzanne Collins
•Perfect, By: Natasha Friend

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February 9

The Fault in Our Stars

   I just finished a book called The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. The book was truly amazing and I couldn’t stop reading.
   The book is narrated by Hazel Grace Lanchester. She’s a normal teenager, except for the fact that she has cancer and lung problems. Her parents believed that she needed to make friends and socialize more, so they put her in a support group. During one of her boring support group meetings she met Augustus Waters.
   Augustus is a teenage boy who had cancer and lost a leg. He instantly falls in love with Hazel and invites her over to his house.
    Augustus and Hazel start spending more time together and sharing their interests. Hazel shows Augustus her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction, and they bond over the lost ending of the book. Augustus uses his wish (a “Wish” is something a group gives to children with cancer) to get them tickets to Amsterdam to meet the author.
   While in Amsterdam Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer has returned. When they get back home his health becomes worse. He knew he only had a few days left, so he got together with Hazel and his friend Isaac to have a pre-funeral because he wanted to hear their eulogies. Eight days later, Augustus died.
   This book was very inspiring. I loved this book because it proved that anything is possible, no matter what condition you are in.
Below are some quotes from the book.



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