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Dance, friends, struggles, fun…these are only some words used to describe the Step Up Movies Series. This series is entertaining, inspiring, and just PERFECT. The series contains 5 movies:

Step Up: the only Step Up movie I haven’t seen. It stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. The movie is about Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum). Tyler is in and out of trouble for most of his life, but then he is sentenced to 200 hours of community service at The Maryland School of Arts. He soon falls for Nora (Jenna Dewan), a gifted ballet student. What happens next??? Watch the movie. (I need too).

Step Up 2: The Streets : This movie stars Briana Evigan, Robert Hoffman, and Adam Sevani. The movie centers around Angie (Briana Evigan), a hardcore, rebellious street dancer. Angie’s mom died when she was a child, and Angie’s life became a mess. She danced in a street crew all day and skipped school. Due to all of this, her current guardian threatened to send her to Texas to live with her grandparents. Angie has to enroll in The Maryland School of Arts, so she can get her life back on track. She finds it hard to balance her dance and school schedules and is kicked off her dance crew. She becomes friends with Moose (Adam Sevani), a student at MSA and a great dancer. He introduces Angie to Chase (Robert Hoffman), the school’s best and most popular dancer. However, Chase lives in the shadow of his ballet- dancing brother, and decides to start his own street crew. Soon, Angie, Chase, and Moose are competing against some of the best street dancers in the state. What happens next??? Watch the movie.

Step Up 3D: This movie stars Rick Malambri, Sharni Vinson, and Adam Sevani. The movie is about Luke (Rick Malambri), a dancer and aspiring filmmaker. He runs a secret dance studio for talented dancers and “city rejects” he finds on the streets. He picks people based on their love for dance and gives them a unique title- BFABB. BFABB stands for “Born From A Boombox”. He interviews each dancer and records their dancers to put in the new documentary he was making- Born From A Boombox. During a walk at the park, he finds Moose (yes, Moose from Step Up 2 ) dancing/battling against one of the best street dancers in New York. Luke takes Moose to his private dance studio, where he receives a letter from the city, stating that they were behind on their rent. Luke recruits Moose and his other dancers to form a dance group – The House of Pirates. He also recruits/falls for Natalie (Sharni Vinson), a beautiful young dancer. They soon learn that Natalie was only pretending to be on their side, to gather evidence on their dance routines for their rival crew- The House of Samurai. In the end, Natalie comes back, but can The House of Pirates win the World Jam competition and cash prize. Watch the movie to find out.

Step Up Revolution: This movie stars Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick. The movie is about Sean (Ryan Guzman), a talented street dancer who is the head of Miami’s hottest and mysterious dance crews- The Mob. The Mob come up with creative flashmobs to perform around Miami and no one knows who they are. But when they learn their home town is being destroyed to make a more fancy living environment, they must use their dance routines for more then just entertainment, they need to use to dance to make a statement. Sean falls in love with Emily (Kathryn McCormick), a young dancer, who dreams of becoming a professional. Emily lacks originality in her dances and soon joins the Mob to learn more about creativity. The group later learns that Emily’s father owns the company that was trying to tear down their town. The entire crew befriends her, except Sean (who Emily leaves because she no longer trusts him), and their town is doom. Does the group get back together and save the community? Watch the movie to find out. PS : THIS WAS MY FAVORITE STEP UP MOVIE. The dances were not only unique, but they were used to make a statement. Dance was their voice into the world.

Step Up: All In: This movie stars Ryan Guzman, Briana Evigan, and Adam Sevani. The movie is about Sean and his group, The Mob. They come to LA to make it big, but learn that the world of professional dane is very difficult. The Mob gives up and moves back to Miami…well, everyone except for Sean. Sean learns about a dance battle called The Vortex and decides to form his own group and compete. We partners up with Moose, Angie, and other dancers from previous Step Up movies. He falls for Angie (yes, its the same Angie from Step Up 2) because Emily left him for her world tour. They learn that they are competing against Sean’s old group (The Mob) and an old rival (The Grim Knights). They go on a wild ride to Las Vegas, where love, friendships, loyalty, ad trust are tested. Can they get it together to win the contest and create a little stability in their dance careers or will it blow up in their faces? Watch the movie to find out. WATCH THIS MOVIE TOO. MY 2nd FAVORITE STEP UP MOVIE.

“I dance because dance can change things. One move, can set a generation free.”

-Moose/ Adam Sevani in “Step Up 3D”

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The Maze Runner- Summary

Thomas. That’s all he can remember. His name. He doesn’t remember where he lives, who is parents are, and especially where he is right now. The boy, Thomas,  was stuck in a metal box, that worked like an elevator. What he didn’t know was that the elevator was going to deposit him in a mysterious and dangerous place, that would become the biggest adventure in his life (well, he doesn’t remember anything about his life, but you get the point.)

When the box stops, the top slowly lifts up to reveal a large group of boys who seemed to be waiting for his arrival. These boys all have limited memories of their life, a strange set of vocabulary, and the same question as Tomas has – where is he and how can he get out?

Thomas later learns that the Glade (this mysterious village) is run by Newt and Alby, two boys who maintain order by giving everyone jobs and enforcing strict rules.Thomas gradually learns that each month, a new boy arrives to the Glade the same way that he has- through the box. The box also delivers supplies to the boys every week. Using the supplies and jobs, the boys have been able to survive for around two years, but they have never been able to escape. Why? Well, their small, orderly village may seem calm, it is surrounded by walls that make up a maze. The maze is made of tall walls, covered with vines of ivy, and accommodate large mechanical monsters called Grievers.  Grievers only wake up at night, which is fortunate for the boys, since the walls of the maze close at night. UNFORTUNATELY, the walls of the maze also change at night, which means the Runners (boys who’s job is to search for an exit by running through the maze) have to study a new maze everyday (well, sort of. There’s a pattern in which the walls change.)

The day after Thomas’ arrival, a girl arrives to the maze. This is unusual for many reasons. One- the Glade society housed only boys, no girls. Two- the boys usually got a delivery of one person per month, not two in two days! Three- she says Thomas’ name and Four- then falls into a coma. To make matters worse, her arrival seems to set something off, which makes everything in the Glade change. The sun disappears, the deliveries of supplies stop, and the walls of the maze don’t close. That means that the Grievers can come into the Glade and kill the boys unless they find an escape. (gulps, oh god).

After thinking for a long time, Thomas proposes the idea that maybe the changing walls is a code to escaping the maze, and, indeed it is! Also, in this time, Theresa (the girl) wakes up and tells Thomas they knew each other before entering the maze. She tells him telepathically. They can communicate telepathically. Let that sink in.

Thomas wants some more information and learns that people who get stung by Grievers can get their memory back. After getting strung (purposely), Thomas learns that Griever hole (a dead end, inside the maze, in which Grievers enter and exit the maze), is an exit. He gathers a group of boys, and together they run out of the Griever hole. Only some survive, including Newt, Minho, Thomas, Theresa, Chuck, and more. Together theses people will learn that they were part of an experiment, trying to find a cure for a disease called the flare. Should they trust the research group or not? Read Scorch Trials to find out.

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Lost on the Dance Floor- Part 4

The security camera was so well hidden, that it was nearly invisible to the naked eye. If someone had kidnapped Amber, they, most likely, wouldn’t have notice the camera.

Following my breakthrough, I ran through the corridors of the studio looking for Shontelle. She was the only one I knew that could get me the recordings from the security camera. I was about to make a sharp right turn when I abruptly stopped because I saw Shontelle walking in front of me.

“Shontelle!” I cried. Then realizing that I was a sleuth, here to solve a crime, I tired acting more professional. I straightened out my coat, corrected my posture and said, “I need to see the tapes for the security camera.”

Obviously surprised that she hadn’t realized that before, she ran into what seemed like the studio’s office and ushered me in.

When I got in, she was already logged in to a computer and opening a file for the security camera recordings. She clicked on today’s date and, at that moment, I’m sure you could have heard our hearts beating. When the recording started, we stared in shock.

On the screen was none other than…THERESA! She was dragging Amber across the corridor, with her mouth taped shut and her wrists tied together. She was the one who pointed the finger at Marissa and Jake, she was the one who acted the most disappointed about Amber’s disappearance, and she was the one who seemed ready for me to give up this case.

“It all fits like a puzzle! Theresa used Marissa and Jake as a red herring. When you told her to go look for Amber, she must have dragged her away! She even had the motive! She wanted to be the star of the dance, but she needed to get Amber out of the way. She even planted the bracelet as a trap!”

Shontelle lost it. She began to cry like never before. After calming her down, we got Theresa and showed her the evidence. She tried running away, but we caught her and called the police. We got her to admit to the crime and tell us where she put Amber. It turned out she was in the studio’s closet the entire time!

We got Amber out and Shontelle and the other dancers couldn’t stop hugging her. They started their dance routine right away.

As for me, I walked back to my office and sat back in my chair. I didn’t need a thank you or hug. The satisfaction of solving a crime was enough for me. I just sat, observed, and waited until another mystery came jumping my way. So, remember, if you ever need help solving a crime, there isn’t anything Blue Ivy can’t solve.


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Lost on the Dance Floor- Part 3

One of the dancers stood up and filled me in. “My name is Theresa. Marissa and Amber were best friends. You would always see them together and no one could split them apart, until last year. Amber beat Marissa for The Best Dancer award and Marissa had a mental breakdown. She lost control and ran away. She was found two days later, but she and Amber never spoke again. They were supposed to compete at next week’s competition, and I guess Marissa didn’t want to lose again.”

This is what I call a breakthrough! “Our number one suspect,” I said, “Where can I find her?”

“Next door, but our class also thinks it could be Jake Benson. His story is similar to Marissa’s, but he didn’t lose control. He’s supposed to be in the class next door too,” said Theresa.

I had two main theories, so far. Using the bracelet as a clue, I believed that Marissa did it, but Jake was also one of my suspects. It could have been either of them. One of them must be the red herring, unless, they kidnapped Amber together. It was too early to make assumptions. I had to do some more investigating. Without hesitation, I walked out of the room and into the next door.

“Where are Marissa and Jake?”

The teacher, a rather old lady, turned around and gave me a puzzled look. Obviously my investigation was disrupting her class.

“They were in the last class, they just left.”

I studied the studio room, looking for clues, until the teacher kicked me out. I didn’t argue. There was nothing helpful in there. Nothing, but sweat and water bottles.

Discouraged, I slowly walked out of the room and wandered around the studio. There had to be a way I could find Marissa and Jake. I looked up at all the studio’s trophies. They really had won an abundance of competitions. I was about to turn away, when I noticed a red light blinking in between the trophies. That’s when I realized it was actually a security camera!

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Lost on the Dance Floor – Part 2

“Why wouldn’t you tell me that before?”

“I didn’t want you to think that I favored her in class, so someone would kidnap her. I thought that it wasn’t very important.”

“I believe you,” I started. I didn’t think the disappearance had to do with a teacher favoring a student. I had a hunch that the disappearance was linked to a jealous student. “But when you’re a detective, everything is important. I would, however, like to investigate the studio? What would be a good time to visit?”

“You can come and investigate now, if you’re ready,” she stammered.

I didn’t answer. I just grabbed my coat of the rack and walked out the door, Shontelle not to far behind.

When we got outside, Shontelle led the way down the sidewalk. Leaves fluttered off trees and people wore scarfs and coats. You could tell that winter was approaching. We walked silently until we reached the front door of the studio. Shontelle pushed the doors wide open, and music filled the air.

“Where is the bathroom?” I ask. “I want to begin the investigation at the scene of the disappearance.”

Shontelle led me to the bathroom, in which I studied every stall with great care. It was not very appealing. It did pay off, though. When I opened the last stall I saw a dark green bracelet lying on the ground. I picked it up and saw, that in elegant writing, the letters “M. R.” were engraved on the bracelet.

“Does Amber know anyone with the initials M.R.?” I called out to Shontelle, who was crying at the door.

“Not that I know of,” she answered, “But you can ask the other students.”

We walked out of the restrooms and into Shontelle’s room. Her students were sitting in a circle chatting- most likely about their missing friend.

“Did you find Amber?” one called out.

“No, but we’re still searching. Does anyone here know someone with the initials M. R. that could be associated with Amber’s disappearance?”

The class gasped. In unison, they all yelled, “Marissa Rollets!” I turned to see Shontelle frozen in terror.

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Lost on The Dance Floor- Part 1 (by:me!)

It was a day like no other. I sat in my office with my fedora tipped over my face and my legs on my desk. As I sat in the dark room, I listened to the sounds around me- the rustling of leaves, the honking of cars, and the excited conversations of Halloween lovers. Halloween was just a day away, and I was just waiting for a mystery to appear. Halloween was a perfect time to commit a crime, with everyone disguised and playing pranks. But I, detective Blue Ivy, am always on the case.

I sat like that for an hour or so before someone entered my office. It was a young woman with golden, brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She carried a worried look on her face and trembling, most likely from fear or anxiety.

“Ivy, I… I need your help,” she murmured.

I looked up from under my hat and, in a stern voice, said, “Sit. You have five minutes to tell me what’s so important.”

She grabbed a chair and nearly collapsed in the seat. She seemed like she was close to tears. She took a deep breath and began her story. “My name is Shontelle and I’m a choreographer for the competition team at the dance studio- Art of Dance. It’s not too far from here. Maybe a couple blocks.” She choked back her tears and continued. “Our team has a big competition coming up. We were in the middle of choreographing the routine when Amber asked to go to the bathroom. Amber is our studio’s top dancer and has won multiple awards. She was going to be the star of our competition routine this week.”

“And I assume this Amber is where your problem begins? That she is the victim?” I asked.

“Yes,” replied Shontelle sadly. “Amber hadn’t returned for 20 minutes or so, and I began to worry. I sent one of my other students- Theresa- to look for her. She was nowhere to be seen.”

“I understand that Amber was the star of YOUR routine, but you seem to have a special connection with her,” I said, “Is there something else you should tell me?”

She sighed. “She’s also my daughter.”

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Stars and Us (Poem)

People and Stars

Stars are like people

Each one is different and unique in its own way

But its the people who choose to reach up

and show themselves,

that shine BRIGHT.

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Being You (Poem)

Being You

Words float in the air like clouds

Catch them and paint them on your canvas

Sketch, stroke, and shade your world

with your words, your feelings, and your thoughts

Express yourself in front of everyone

because the world is you canvas



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AHHHH……MUSIC. Music is interpreted in many ways. Some think of music as a way to change people’s moods. Others think of it as a way to express ourselves. To some music is like another language. You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy the presence of music. You may interpret music differently than someone, but that doesn’t mean either of your interpretations are wrong. You just use your music to express yourselves differently. As someone once said, “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from the heavens to the soul.” Music can make a person whole and make them feel strong, confident, and just plain old HAPPY. To me music is a creative outlet. You can use music to dance your feelings around the room or to sing your thoughts out to the world because THERE IS NO WRONG IN MUSIC. Sure there may be some pieces of music or songs you don’t like, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It just means that someone out there has a different taste in music/different personality. Not just someone. Almost everyone has a different taste in music and EVERYONE has a different personality for sure. None of that matters when you are listening to (or dancing to or making or playing…) music. Only your thoughts and expressions matter during music because “Music is what feelings sound like.” SO GO OUT THERE AND MAKE MUSIC!! I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT!!



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