The Maze Runner- Part 3

   Alby, Thomas, and Minho are trapped in the maze for a night. Minho yells at Thomas for being an idiot and begins to panic. Thomas, who is still new to the Glade, stands there with no idea what he’s in for. That’s when, they spot a Griever. Unfortunately, the Griever spots them, too. 
   Minho and Thomas carry Alby (still unconscious) to the vines covering the maze walls. The vines for so thick that the boys could easily hide inside them…but not for long. The Griever spots them. Minho was sure that none of them would make it, so he runs away. Thomas was determined to make it out alive WITH Alby. Alby can’t move, so Thomas ties him to the vines and pulls him up, so that he just hangs hidden between the vines. He then runs away to lure the Griever away from Alby. ( smart, huh?)
   He runs all around the maze, until he runs into Minho ( literally, runs into him). Minho tells that Thomas that he has a plan involving the Griever Hole.
   Wait, hold up. What’s the Griever Hole, you ask? Well, in the middle of the maze is a weird little dead end. The maze just stops and if you look down it looks like a black hole (well, not in the movie, but in the book). According to Minho, Griever’s have been spotted leaving and entering the “hole”.
   Anyways, so Minho and Thomas decided to lure the Grievers to the hole. They this all night, until they heard the doors open. They went to get Alby down, who had surprisingly survived the night hanging alone in the vines. When they walked toward the doors they see all the boys waiting for them. THEY WERE THE FIRST PEOPLE TO SURVIVE THE NIGHT.

What happens next? Wait for part 4!


AHHHH……MUSIC. Music is interpreted in many ways. Some think of music as a way to change people’s moods. Others think of it as a way to express ourselves. To some music is like another language. You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy the presence of music. You may interpret music differently than someone, but that doesn’t mean either of your interpretations are wrong. You just use your music to express yourselves differently. As someone once said, “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from the heavens to the soul.” Music can make a person whole and make them feel strong, confident, and just plain old HAPPY. To me music is a creative outlet. You can use music to dance your feelings around the room or to sing your thoughts out to the world because THERE IS NO WRONG IN MUSIC. Sure there may be some pieces of music or songs you don’t like, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It just means that someone out there has a different taste in music/different personality. Not just someone. Almost everyone has a different taste in music and EVERYONE has a different personality for sure. None of that matters when you are listening to (or dancing to or making or playing…) music. Only your thoughts and expressions matter during music because “Music is what feelings sound like.” SO GO OUT THERE AND MAKE MUSIC!! I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT!!



The Maze Runner- Part 2

So, as I was saying, the boys all lived in a maze. Each boy had a job. Some worked as farmers, others as builders, some were chefs, and then there were THE RUNNERS. The runners’ job was to explore the maze. They had be doing this for two years, and they still hadn’t found an exit. Weird, huh? Well, not really. The real problem- every morning the maze opened up and every night it closed. The surprise, though, was that every night the maze changed. It’s walls moved, so the next morning, the runners had to explore a whole new maze. They kept records of every they ran for the past two years, but nothing helped.

Another dangerous aspect of the runners lives were the fact that they had to reach the Glade before the doors closed for the night. If they were trapped, they would be stuck with the Grievers. Grievers were robotic like monsters that crept the maze at night and stung humans. Their sting was very deadly and made people insane.

The day after Thomas’ arrival, a runner named Ben was stung in broad daylight, by what they thought was a dead griever. Ben finds Thomas in the woods and attacks him, yelling, “This is all your fault!” The Gladers banish Ben (means they leave him in the maze for a night- and no one survives that- or do they? Well, Ben doesn’t.), but people still can’t help thinking what was Thomas’ fault.

The next day, Alby goes to examine the dead griever. the Gladers all wait anxiously, in the evening, as the maze doors start to close because   Alby and the head of the runners- Minho- haven’t returned. Right before the doors close the Gladers catch a glimpse of Minho trying to reach the doors with Alby (who had been stung) on his back. Thomas runs into the maze, just as the doors close. Do Minho, Thomas, and Alby survive? I’m leaving this part a cliff hanger! Just wait for part 3!

The Maze Runner- Part 1

I’ve read many books, and after reading I usually have one of two reactions- I LOVED it or I HATED it. Well, after reading The Maze Runner, By: James Dashner, I had a new reaction. The book was not only entertaining, but you understand the characters. The book is a fiction adventure novel, so you obviously couldn’t relate to the character’s experience, but you could relate to their feelings. James Dashner described the characters and their thoughts so well, that you felt like they were real people. But enough about that, lets get to the summary!! WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS.

The novel revolves around Thomas. Just Thomas. No last name. Wondering why? Well, wait, I’ll get to that part. So, as I was saying, before I was interrupted, this book revolves around Thomas. Thomas wakes up in a dark metal box. The box was moving upward, as if it was an elevator. Thomas, who couldn’t remember anything, but is first name (told you I’d get to that part), starts to panic. After a short time the box opens to a sunny village with large rock walls towering out on each side like a boundary. Oh, and there was about four dozen boys surrounding Thomas when he climbed out of the box. Two boys approached him- who he later found out were the town leaders, Alby and Newt- and they tried to help him calm him down, but Thomas just ran away.

After sitting by a tree for a while ( I don’t know, an hour?), Thomas got up and walked back to the town, deciding to learn more about this unusual place. Alby and Newt, who were waiting for him to come back, began to explain everything.

The boys that were surrounding Thomas when he came out of the box, had all come here the same way he had. Confused and in a box. One boy came to The Glade- the town- every month. The walls around The Glade formed the outer boundary of a maze. They all lived in the middle of a maze. A maze.Let that sink in and I’ll write the rest in part 2!

Having Fun, Being Bored, And Stuff.

So, I know my last post was very serious and inspiration :). BUT if you know me, you know I can’t stand being like that for to long. I like having fun and acting crazy. ALL THE TIME. If I start laughing I usually can’t stop. So today I decided to write about….drum roll, please….WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE BORED. You know, those sad moments when you’re sitting home alone? Yup. We all have those times. This what to do to avoid those moments :

1. Dance. JUST LET IT OUT.
2. Sing. LET IT GO!
3. Watch TV. Mickey Mouse- HERE I COME!
4. Make an Ice Cream Sundae. YUM.
5. Video- Chat with friends. ” ‘Sup.”
6. Write a song. VERY DIFFICULT.
7. Make a YouTube Video (ignore the hate).
8. Make a blog. (Hmm…where did she get that idea?)
9. Read a book. (T.F.I.O.S. and Divergent are HIGHLY recommended)
10. Make a fort. You’re never too old to make a fort. NEVER.
11. Run. (Phhh! Yeah right! JK.)
12. Have a tea party. (High Tea with the Queen, anyone?)
13. Sleep.

Do these things and you’ll never feel bored again.

Paragraphs of Awesome Motivation

Hey Guys!

Grab a drink, maybe a snack, a blanket, and some earbuds (to listen to music), cause this is going to be ONE LONG POST. Paragraphs of AWESOME MOTIVATION.

So to start off, before any of you people start hating on this post, I need to say something very important. TAKE YOUR HATE ELSEWHERE. This post is for people who are down and need some cheering up. If you dont’ need any motivation and are here just to judge this post, you are welcome to leave. For the people who actually care about this post, I have a lot to say. Things about following your dreams, about being yourself, and about just living your life to the fullest. I know I’ve wrote about all of those before, but this time I’m going to summarize it all up and….um….and stuff. Yeah, stuff.

First paragraph. I have so much to say, but I’m just not sure how to put it into words. Ok, so this paragraph is going to be about being yourself. Yes, I know, I’ve talked about this a BILLION times, but this time is going to be a little different. Being yourself can be hard sometimes, especially when you’re a teenager. Sometimes you act different around different people because you’re scared they won’t like you. It feels like your 10 different people! You try pleasing your parents, your friends, your neighbors, and more. Let me tell you, THAT’S A FULL TIME JOB. You spend so much time pretending to be someone, that you totally forget who you actually are. You’re probably wondering, how does she know all this? Because it was me. I used to pretend to be someone all the time. This year, I realized that I needed to stop. Not going to lie, it was hard. I spent so much time faking, that I didn’t know who I was anymore. It took sometime, but now I’m on my way to being ME. Oh, and another thing. Sometimes people, mostly friends, tell you that your acting different, that you changed too much, or that they don’t like the new you. Don’t change for them. You’re not acting different or changing. You are growing. You’re growing into a better version of yourself. The one that’s been through so many events, from which he/she has learned what to do, what not to do, and who he/she wants to be. People who don’t like you are a waste of your time. Plus, confidence is the key. When I started this blog, I didn’t tell anyone about it. I was scared I would get too much hate. To be honest, I actually got the courage to write this post because I thought no one would read it. But, even as I’m typing now, I realize that if people don’t like my blog and thoughts, they’re not worth my time. This blog is a part of me because I write all my thoughts here. If they don’ like me, I shouldn’t care. And I promise you, if you are confident in who you are, I’m sure people will notice you. If you’re scared of being the real you, no one is going to notice.

Ok, second paragraph. Following your dreams. I have always wanted to be an actress. I wanted to be the star of a Disney Channel show and/or movie. I wanted to perform with Zendaya Coleman and dance for a large crowd. I never thought that I could actually do it. I was wrong. I mean, I still haven’t done these things, but I was wrong for thinking I couldn’t. There are days where I still think I couldn’t do it. But there are also days where I feel like getting up and driving straight to the Disney Channel headquarters. That’s my point. You’re going to have your ups and downs, but you can never forget your dreams. The easiest way to avoid giving up on your dreams is to have a plan. For example, my plan started at the beginning of this year. I decided I was tired of just dreaming and I actually wanted to do something. I started off by gaining confidence and practicing. I tried out for everything I could, and practiced as much as possible. Then I decided to go to a Disney open casting call. Sadly, I will be in India during that time, but I won’t give up. I’ll try my best to go to another one or sign with a talent agency. Also if you want to follow your dreams, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Look online for information and tips. BE WARNED. Sometimes, actually ALL THE TIME, there is someone who is going to hate on your dream. They’ll say something to break your plan, your dream, or you. DON’T LET THEM GET TO YOU. If you have the passion and are willing to work hard for what you want to do, nothing should come in your way. As a minor, your parents may not support your dream. Don’t blame them. They just want the best for you, but if you show them what you can do, they may be in on the idea. For example, all my parents are thinking about nowadays is getting me into a good high school. That is the furthest thing from my mind. Most Disney stars, start at the age of 13. I’m 13! That’s why I’m always thinking about my dream rather than a good high school. Don’t get me wrong, education is VERY IMPORTANT, but so are our dreams. I can’t blame my parents, though, because I never had the courage to talk to them about this. But I won’t give up. So, what’s my point? FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Whew! That was one long post. First off, to all the haters out there (again :)) if you didn’t like this post, please don’t judge. This isn’t meant to be a sentimental post about some girl. This has nothing to do with that. This post was meant to be to motivate others. This post was meant to show how I stopped thinking so much and decided to be myself and follow my dreams. I can’t take all the credit, though, because I had my parents and friends there to support me. So if you have any hate……once again…….TAKE IT ELSEWHERE.


Friends (Part 2)

Hey Everyone!

I know I’ve already talked about friends in one of my other posts, but this post is going to center around my best friends! Shivani, Sam, Tiffany, Melina, Sara, and more!!!

School ended today and I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been going to school (with those crazy cats I named above) for more than seven years! Sometimes they’re a total pain, but I loved them all so much!! They’re there if I need some cheering up or if I need to let something off my chest. They’re the people I trust to keep secrets and the ones I count on to make me smile when I need it. I got closer to all of them this year and I couldn’t be any happier! We made some great memories this year, whether it was about someone’s soothing voice, or someone’s crazy dance moves, or volunteering, or going to the bathroom, or starting a fundraiser for charity.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand that, only my BEST friends will. They encourage, motivate, and support me all the time. They’ve molded me into the person me into the person I am today and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for our little infinity (THE FEELS). I got my yearbook today and they wrote the sweetest letters! I’ll always be here for you guys!!!




2013- 2014 School Year

SUMMER IS HERE! This school year is over and (not to sound conceited) but I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished this school year. I’ve tried so many things that helped me grow into a more confident person. I’ve learned to appreciate everything and everyone I have in my life.

Some things I’m really proud of are trying out for the volleyball team, school play, and the talent show. I didn’t make the volleyball team, but it trying out was still an accomplishment. I did, however, make it in the play and talent show. I quit the play because it was interfering with my other activities, but it still helped me learn to be confident and work well with others. The talent show taught me that if people don’t like you for you, they aren’t worth your time. I was always worried about impressing people during talent show practices, but after a while, I gave up. You can”t please everyone, but there is always one person you HAVE to impress. Yourself. As long as you’re proud of what you did, everything will be fine. Plus, I rocked at the talent show :) .

I also made so many new friends this year and got closer to old ones. I made some great memories with them too! They all motivated me to start my own YouTube Channel (which you all should check out : InfiniteMe).

I’ve learned so much this year and I hope all of you did to! Have a great summer and keep on trying new things and following your dreams!!

Being a Teenager

Being a teenager is hard. I’m not going to lie. There are friendship problems, school problems, and the fear of many other things going wrong.
Friendship problems is a huge part of being a teenager. People change and start hanging out with different people. You either don’t know who to trust or ruin a friendship. I learned that there’s only one way to avoid that. Just be you and be honest! No one can blame you for trusting your instincts and being you. If they don’t like you for who you are, then they’re not worth it!
School problems mostly have to do with grades. The only way to stop that is to study, keep an agenda, and keep an open mind. If you need help, just ask questions. That’s the best way!
Most of the other problems you will run into will have to deal with people. What do you do? BE YOU, BE CONFIDENT, BE HONEST, AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! SOAR!